I Moved

Hi everyone, I moved my blog over here: http://julianhector.tumblr.com/

#Kidlitart Guest Post

Here's a new Kidlitart guest post, in which I was asked to give some advice on the picture book thumbnail/storyboard process. It's one of my favorite steps in developing a picture book, and I think that this is the first time that I've been asked to give tips in such a public way - in other words, go easy on me if I steer you off course!


Cut and fold your very own O'Brien from Downton Abbey! printable version

Happy Birthday, Darwin!

Also, happy birthday to the other great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, who was born the very same day as Darwin. Here's a nice quote from an article by Steven Conn that compares the two:

"Lincoln insisted on equality as a political fact. Darwin demonstrated it as a biological fact. In their shared commitment to human equality these two Great Emancipators, each in their own realm, helped us to break free from the shackles of the past."

C.R. Mudgeon - Trailer

Here's the new book trailer for C.R. Mudgeon, written by Leslie Muir. It premiered 
yesterday on Mr. Schu's blog. I'm going to try and do a 'making of' post soon.  Enjoy!

Picture Book Idea Month Month / Day 14

I'm a little behind in keeping the blog updated, but here's my PiBoIdMo post from over a month ago.
A big congratulations to my Austin friend, Suzanne Lewis, for winning the giveaway painting -
which is the final scene from The Gentleman Bug.

A Double Review

Here’s a very nice review of both the The Gentleman Bug and Monday is One Day
on Susan Murray’s “From Tots to Teens” blog.  I LOVE the review’s title :) 

Ooh la la Artisan Confectionary

Here’s a great new article about Ooh La La Artisan Confectionary, a South African candy company 
that I’ve been providing illustrations for. The company was founded by Karen Schneid, and she has an 
amazing story. As a sweet-toothed francophile, this has been a dream job for me.  

Who Eats Who? - A Food Web

This is a foodweb that I made in college. You can see who eats who by starting with the sun and following the outward lines through plants, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers (Lions, tigers, bears, and us!) on the outer rings.  (Click the map to enlarge)






Habitat Maps


C.R. Mudgeon Process

I'm usually really bad at taking "in progress" shots as I'm working, but I was looking through my phone, and it turns out that I have a few photos of this painting from C.R. Mudgeon as it was being completed - I missed capturing the actual painting process, though.  This earlier post describes my method in better detail.