Lord Moth and Phil: A Dismemberment Story Full of Cross-dressing and Baked Brie

One day, Lord Moth and Phil decided to have a picnic, and paint in the park.

Chief among their refreshments, was a marvelous baked brie,

Which the park’s ruffians found to be irresistible.

They ran!

Phil, the baked brie, and most of Lord Moth were able to escape.

Lord Moth was rushed to the infirmary,

Where he was set to receive a wing transplant.

Phil, who was very meticulous, wanted to choose the new wing,
but he was barred from visiting Lord Moth.

So, he went to his favorite clothier,

and bought a disguise.

It was very convincing, but Phil was too late.
In a rush, Lord Moth’s operation was already complete.

Feeling beyond frustrated with the day’s events, Lord Moth
and Phil headed home, but forgot all about their baked brie...

Which the infirmary staff happily took to the park to eat after work.

The end.



After a long recovery, Lord Moth was able to fly again,
but only in circles, due to his lopsided wingspan.



  1. OUTSTANDING, Julian! And powerful. You really need to publish your Lord Moth and Phil stories.

  2. That is fantastic. Yes, I agree, you need to publish these. I loved Rat doctor/surgeon studying the poster.
    And those grubs or whatever they are on leash. So humorous.

  3. This is great! I hope you publish all of them and continue with their adventures! Excellent!!!