The Little Matador

The Little Matador

The Little Matador comes from a long line of proud bullfighters, but he would rather draw a bull than fight one! Despite his father's best efforts to get him to follow tradition, the Little Matador spends most of his days daydreaming and sketching animals in the meadow.

This is an impressive debut for Hector, whose art, with its unusual 
perspectives, both amuses and charms. - Booklist

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  1. Adorable! When does it release?

  2. Hey Tara,
    The Little Matador is my first book, it came out in 2008!

  3. Seems beautifully done, but although it may not glorify bullfighting, it seems like it treats this tradition with a lot of respect. I wouldn't give a chid a book that could bring the suggestion that bullfighting is ok. Otherwise, great illustrations, and it does seem like good storytelling.

    1. Thank you! In the book, I tried to be as neutral as possible on the issue of bullfighting. I certainly didn't want to glorify it, but I would never want to preach to a child about a viewpoint that has nothing to do with the story itself. Hopefully, a child can read my book, then learn about bullfighting on their own, and come to their own conclusion on whether it should still be practiced or not.