Hey everyone, sorry for all of these 'book' posts.  I'm in the process of turning my blog into my main website, and needed to give my books their own individual posts so that I can link to them throughout the blog.  

Over the last year, I've really started to enjoy blogging and found my personal '.com' website to be unnecessary. It's cumbersome to update (dreamweaver!), it allows for zero interaction from readers, and it's not mobile friendly.  Most importantly, for me, having a blog and a personal website is redundant - I don't like having my information under multiple roofs, so I'm choosing blogger.


  1. I'm with you Julian. Glad you're making the change. And, I can't wait to see C.R. Mudgeon!

  2. I think it's complete!. My old website is now a simple splash page.

  3. You're silly for apologizing about having info. about your books on here! ;) I think you balance your personal/professional life well on here.