Book News: The Gentleman Bug and C.R. Mudgeon

Some recent book news:  

The C.R. Mudgeon cover (written by Leslie Muir, Atheneum 2012, cover design by Ann Bobco) was revealed on IndieBound last week.  Now I can add "can paint a fully articulated field of poppies" to my resume!  That's right, I wasn't allowed to short-cut my way through the flowers impressionistically; they had to be "fully articulated!"  (though, I  did cheat and paint the cover much larger than actual size).

Here's an earlier post that shows the making of a tiny illustration for the back of the book jacket.

The Gentleman Bug ebook was released last week!  

Starting out as an author/illustrator, I knew that it would be amazing to see a book of mine in a book store, but I never considered how amazing it would be to see the same book in the iTunes store (I'm young, folks, my dream of becoming an author/illustrator is as old as the second-gen ipod).  With Borders in mind, I wonder when seeing your book in an ebook store will become the dominant thrill?

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  1. Your "fully articulated poppies" are a thing of beauty! Also, a big congrats on The Gentleman Bug being e-published!