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Ideal for families with working parents—and that’s pretty much everyone now, right?—Levine’s cozy ode to counting down to the weekend should provide some solace to the lonely: “The hardest part of going to work is being apart from you. / Let’s count the days till we’re both at home with a special thing to do.” Levine smartly doesn’t put all of his eggs in the weekend basket, pausing to focus upon special moments of togetherness wherever they happen to fall: at breakfast, while getting on the bus, when the parents return at night, and during family time on the sofa. The diversity extends to geography; the town, seen in full on the title page, includes metropolitan, suburban, and rural areas, and families from each region share the spotlight. Hector’s grinning cartoon-style illustrations are delightful, based in reality but accented with unexpected color, such as the carnival stripes of a farmer’s distant field. But the book’s greatest accomplishment might be its crosssection of middle America: white, black, old, young, white-collar, blue-collar, straight, and gay (and—scandal!—the gay couple is pictured hanging out in the bedroom). It’s that rare book perceptive enough to recognize that the random moments are those we treasure most.
— Daniel Kraus

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  1. Congratulations Julian. It's a wonderful book. I just got to see your presentation at SCBWI Austin and was completely smitten with the illustrations, too. Way to go and good luck with it.