" What happens when author/illustrator Julian Hector daydreams in his Feminist Artist class...."

My trip to Seven Imp:

Author/illustrator Julian Hector’s visiting 7-Impagain to share some art work and sketches from his newest title, The Gentleman Bug, whichPublishers Weekly has praised for its “quiet humor” and School Library Journal calls an “odd love tale.” It tells the story of the scholarly, bookworm Gentleman Bug, a schoolteacher living in the very Edwardian Garden, whose life scoots along just fine, thanks very much, till Lady Bug arrives in town and he falls head over heels in love. He tries a bit too hard to impress her, in what the publisher (Simon & Schuster) amusingly enough refers to as a failed Victorian makeover. It all works out in the end, but I won’t tell you how, in case you want to read this charmer for yourself (though, caveat: Hector’s words below do include some spoilers). Kirkuswrites that Hector “artfully uses subdued colors, elegant lines and generous quantities of space to lend low-key grace to each scene.”
Julian’s here to tell us a bit about the creation of the tale, what’s next for him, and a bit more. And he shares lots of art and sketches. I thank him for stopping by…continue reading

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