A Greek Tragedy in CMYK

The Death of Nessus, Deianira, and Heracles  
A long time ago, a passionate centaur named Nessus, abducted a youth, named Deianira.  Unfortunately for Nessus, Deianira was the wife of Heracles, and he promptly shot the centaur with an arrow dipped in Hydra poison - a poison so deep with death that the blood of Nessus became poisonous, too.  Clever Nessus knew this, and with his dying breath, he told Deianira that his blood would excite the love of Heracles.  She believed him and dipped one of her husband's shirts in the blood, saving it for future use.    

As the years went by, the love between Deianira and Heracles grew dim, so Deianira decided that it was finally time to give the shirt to her husband.  Instead of having a special night, however, the poisoned shirt killed Heracles - just as Nessus predicted.  In great sadness, Deianira put the shirt on, too, and met her husband's end.     


-One of my favorite statues, is the statue of Nessus and Deianira by, Adriaen de Vries - seen here.

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